What is CarPrices.ae?

Started in 2017, CarPrices.ae is the fastest growing car buying research portal in the UAE.

Do you sell cars?

No, we do not sell cars online. However, we provide a great deal of information about cars with an unbiased and factual approach, helping you decide better on which car is the best for you.

Are you affiliated with any car brand?

No, we are not. However, we do reply on advertising for revenue and at times you might see advertisements from car brands on our website.

Is the information on your website accurate?

Our information is collated from various sources of information about vehicles and we rely mostly on manufacturer supplied information on their local brand or dealer websites. However, we DO NOT guarantee accuracy of the information on our website which is subject to change without notice and we urge you to check with the manufacturers or the authorised dealers regarding any and all information before purchase.