Electric Hypercar From Japan Hits The Ton Under 2 Seconds!

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Until now, the two-second barrier to a hundred kilometers an hour was impossible to break by production cars. Some like the Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 918, et al came close, but no one truly ever made a production car that could clock a sub 2-second time. Until Aspark Motors, Japan came along that is.

Until today, the notion of a street legal hypercar that could be so fast as to break the 2-second barrier was moot. A small Japanese engineering firm is changing things in this regard though. Aspark Motors just tested its new hypercar, the Owl, to see what it could achieve.

The Aspark Owl was first seen at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2017, where it theoretically made 430 hp, 763 Nm, and weighed a mere 860 odd kilos. The concept also had all-wheel drive and claimed to do the 0-100 run in two seconds. As of today, Aspark Motors has bested its own claim, with the test Owl clocking an impressive 1.921 seconds to 100 kph. Granted, the car was shod with a set of Hoosier Racing tyres and the test pilot did a rear wheel burnout before the run, but there is no hiding the time. A sub 2-second run just cannot be argued against.

Aspark Motors has stated that it will continue working on the car until it will clock sub 2-second times even with street-legal tyres. The company has earmarked 50 of these rather fast cars for production. Priced at $4.4 million, the Aspark Owl is not just your ordinary EV. It gets the very best of materials, like a carbon-fiber body, chassis, high-output electric motors, and excellent craftsmanship to put all the pieces together seamlessly. It also looks rather fetching, what with its aerodynamic shape and wing doors.

The speed test was conducted in what appears to be the backyard of a small manufacturing facility, perhaps Aspark Motors’ own. We can only salute the test driver who managed to clock such an impressive time on such a small piece of pavement.

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