Bugatti Builds Its 100th Chiron For A Customer In Middle East

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When Bugatti launched the Chiron, it said that it will make only 500 units of this supercar. Out of those 500 Chirons, Bugatti has successfully manufactured 100 units, and the 100th Chiron is for a wealthy customer in the Middle East.

We know that Bugatti offers its customers the freedom to customize their cars to a very extreme level. And that’s what the guy from the Middle East did. The 100th Chiron is fully customized as per his taste. It has got this dark matte blue color that is just astonishing. It is the first Chiron to be painted in such a shade. To add a bit of a contrast, the brake calipers are painted in a shade of red, and there’s also a similar red for the Bugatti side lines.

The interior of this Bugatti Chiron has also been customized with an extensive use of leather. The total cost of this Chiron is an unbelievable USD 3.34 million. Wow! Congratulations to the owner.

Bugatti will make only 400 more Chirons. It produces around 70 supercars per year, all hand-built. As for the future, Bugatti has already received more than 300 orders for the Veyron replacement. Rumors tell us that there would be a much lighter version of the Veyron which will be a special edition. Perhaps, Bugatti is working to get the title of ‘World’s Fastest Production Car’ back from Koenigsegg.


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