Aston Martin Teases New Dual-Tone Paint Scheme For Valkyrie

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Aston Martin has been teasing bits and pieces of its Valkyrie since its announcement. While we are on our toes to find out more about the car, the company has now teased with another piece of its design as it takes shape for its launch next year.

Fresh reveals show the car in a dual-tone finish, similar to what Bugatti had done with its hypercar Chiron. We assume the colour tone is a subtle jab at Bugatti’s iconic paint scheme. We noticed that the core elements of the car resemble to the concept that was showcased two years ago.

Fresh additions on the car include new side indicator lamps on each of the front fenders. Apart from that, the front fenders and the front splitters now sport more complex shapes in its tweaked form. The shape of the roof scoop has been changed and the front fenders now sport larger air channels, giving us a clear look at the suspension struts beneath.

The mean machine in the images sports a set of unique wheels that we have never seen before. We learn that the British carmaker will also offer flat wheel covers, similar to those used on the recently revealed McLaren Speedtail. Aston explains that the flat surface smooths out the airflow around that would otherwise be a turbulent aerodynamic area.

The Valkyrie’s cabin takes heavy inspiration from an F1 sports car. Evident from the feet-up position of the driver. All of the 175 models exiting the production ramp will have a 3D body scan performed to ensure the seats perfectly fit them.

Considering the firepower that its 6.5-litre V12 engine carries, we assume that Aston Martin will do a good job in insulating its cabin. The engine is capable of producing close to a 1130bhp making it the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever fitted to a production car.

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