Aston Martin Could Name Its Upcoming Hypercar As Valhalla

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Aston Martin’s work on a third hypercar is no news. Codenamed as Project 003, the upcoming car will prop up the upcoming Valkyrie and the Valkyrie Pro. Recent reports suggest that the British car manufacturer will call the car ‘Valhalla’.

Aston has reportedly applied to trademark the name with the World Intellectual Property Organization late last week. The upcoming model will find a spot below the Valkyrie in terms of performance.

The names Valkyrie and the Valhalla are a direct derivative from Norse mythology with Valhalla being the resting place of souls deemed worthy of God Odin’s company and Valkyries, the warrior spirits who preside over the decision of worthiness.

According to an official statement that was issued by the company last month, the upcoming hypercar, codenamed Project 003, will arrive at the markets by 2021. Additionally, the company also stated that the car will be manufactured for both right-hand-drive and left-hand-drive.

Aston Martin said that a total of 500 units of the car will be manufactured. This hints that the car will be less exclusive than the Valkyrie which is limited to 175 units, thus gaining a spot below the 2020 hypercar. Reports suggest that Project 003 is likely to put up a fight against the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, and McLaren Senna.

Output capabilities of the new car are expected to find a spot between the DBS Superleggera and Valkyrie. Electronics on the upcoming car is expected to be derived from the Valkyrie including active aerodynamics and active suspension. Additionally, the company also claims that the upcoming Project 003 would be more practical than the Valkyrie with features such as a luggage space.

Apart from Project 003, Aston Martin is also planning for another mid-engine offering that would rival the likes of Ferrari 488 and will be positioned as a flagship supercar in its lineup.

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