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Lamborghini Terzo Millenio: An Electrical Car Concept

Lamborghini has been producing some of the world’s fastest, finest and beautiful cars for many decades now. The company continuously works to beat its own products. With the automobile industry turning its face towards a future with electric cars, Lamborghini too couldn’t just sit and watch the internal combustion engines die a slow death. It has to step into the electrical thing to keep up with the ‘changing’ world. And so it did with its latest Terzo Millenio concept.

Lamborghini collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to come with its Terzo Millenio concept. It was recently unveiled at MIT’s EmTech conference and is the first all-electric car from the Italian manufacturer.

While the Terzo Millenio is only a concept as of now, being a Lamborghini it had to be a striking looking machine. And that it is. It is really something which shows us what the future Lambos would look like. It’s simply fantastic. It has four electric motors, one for each wheel. The ‘conventional’ battery packs have been replaced by super capacitors. According to Lamborghini, super capacitors are far better than normal batteries that are being used in electric vehicles. These capacitors have a very fast charging time and can store a large amount of energy than a conventional battery of the same size.

The bodywork of the Terzo Millenio concept is made up of carbon fibre. It isn’t just a normal design but a lot of hard work and research has been implemented to come up with it. These panels act as an energy-storage medium. So, your entire car is a big battery. Interesting, isn’t it? Then the material can also identify minor cracks and is capable of ‘healing’ itself, thus preventing the cracks to magnify.

Lamborghini has also implemented semi-autonomous driving on the Terzo Millenio concept. Unlike other such systems, it wouldn’t help you with boring tasks like lane management, automatic lane switching, autonomous parking and whatnot. These aren’t things that bother Lamborghini. So, their version of the semi-autonomous system would definitely help you be a better driver by guiding you through a race track and showing you the race-line. Eventually, it will get you score better lap times. And, perhaps, this is the only feature of the Terzo Millenio concept that is closest to being production ready. Sounds good to me!