Hydrogen Powered Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept

Published on : May 7, 2021 4:49 am by Mitesh Zaveri

The ongoing 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has become a hub for viewing new concepts from a plethora of manufacturers. Toyota has also showcased many products and one of them is its new Fine-Comfort Ride concept.

According to Toyota, this concept car is “a new form of the premium saloon” and will change the way electric vehicles are perceived right now. It is definitely an electric vehicle with motors placed at each of the four wheels but the twist is that a large amount of available electric power comes from hydrogen as the energy source.

Toyota has been working on hydrogen-powered vehicles in the past and the result of those developments was the Toyota Mirai, a fuel cell powered vehicle. With the new Fine-Comfort Ride concept, Toyota wants to showcase what more development has been made in the field and what other possibilities could exist to make such vehicles a reality in future.

The Fine-Comfort Ride concept looks astonishing with its futuristic design and style. The face looks very aggressive with all those sharp lines and cuts whereas the rear end of the concept is a bit calm and soft with a few curves. The main attraction is the interior where there is excessive space to easily accommodate six people. Since the electric motors are placed on the wheels itself, hence there is a lot of space inside the cabin. This has allowed the designers to implement various ideas. We expect the availability of latest gadgets, gizmos and tech in this concept car.

Toyota has not released further details about the Fine-Comfort Ride concept as of now. But it claims that we can expect a range of around 1000 km from this machine.


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