This Is The Greatest Porsche Colour Of All Time

In voting conducted by Porsche on Twitter, people have voted 'Sapphire Blue Metallic' as their favourite colour of all time

Published on : April 14, 2021 11:03 am by Tejas Kokcha

A few weeks ago Porsche conducted a ‘colour tournament’ on Twitter in which they asked people to vote for their favourite colour. Now the German brand has revealed the results of the polls.

Voting was done between 64 colours classified as into four categories: classic, metallic, non-metallic, and modern. At the end, it boiled down between Miami Blue and Sapphire Blue Metallic.

The semi-finals were quite close as they Miami Blue beat Guards Red with 53.8% of the votes while Sapphire blue beat Voodoo Blue with 57.2% of the votes.

It was a narrow victory for Sapphire Blue Metallic in the final as it won by 51% of the 2,945 votes. These polls show that people love blue colours on their Porsches as three blue colours reached the top four. WOW

What is your favourite Porsche colour?



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