BMW’s New iDrive Infotainment System Will Blow Your Mind

This new infotainment system will be seen in the BMW iX and i4.

Published on : March 16, 2021 10:05 am by Tejas Kokcha

BMW has revealed the eighth-gen iDrive system and it looks mind-blowing. This new infotainment system will be seen in the BMW iX and i4.

A 12.3-in instrument display together with a 14.9-in infotainment display in a single panel is the main attraction of the iDrive system. BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, which revolves around voice and dialogue based interactions, is another feature of the User Experience system.

The new menu has 3D graphics which give a “more immersive user experience”. There are three modes on offer – Efficient, Sport and Individual. A Calm mode can also be made available which will show the drive only the speed of the car.

A new heads-up display will be found on future BMWs. It will use of new augmented reality functions and graphics. Touch controls are also part of the iDrive system. BMW has also previewed a hexagonal shaped steering wheel which has a slider for changing gears.

What’s more, the iDrive system will support 5G networking with high data bandwidth which means that over-the-air software updates will be made with ease. If this is the future of car infotainment, then it looks very promising.

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