Volvo Graces 2020 XC90 With The Mildest Facelift Ever

Published on : December 29, 2020 2:56 pm by Mitesh Zaveri

The XC90 stands as the granddaddy of all the models in Volvo’s line-up. The current generation of the SUV debuted in 2016 adding years into its lifecycle. However, since 2016 Volvo has launched several new models pushing the full-size SUV to the back of the line for a due upgrade.

This, however, was changed after the Swedish manufacturer unveiled the 2020 XC90 with the world’s most mild facelift. Keeping the “old” XC90 feeling fresh, Volvo has graced the SUV with the equivalent of a needle of Botox instead of a full suite of cosmetic procedures. This comes in the form of a new grille, some new wheel designs and different exterior colours.

Similar to the outside, Volvo has not changed the interior much either. The new XC90 comes with some additional trim options and a new “tailored wool” interior upholstery option that adds a bit of elegance. It now comes with a six-seat configuration in addition to the existing four-, five- and seven-seat setups.

Adding to the existing plate of driver assists, are features such as Steering assist that has been added to the car’s XC90’s automated emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring systems with Volvo pointing out that the former is the only such system that can detect pedestrians, bicyclists and large animals. Apart from that, the cross-traffic alert now has automated braking and oncoming-lane mitigation systems that was introduced on the XC60.

With the XC90 Volvo has introduced the new B badge that will feature its hybrid models. Volvo claims that these new models will feature high-tech additions such as regenerative braking which can offer fuel savings and emission reductions of up to 15 per cent in “real world driving”.

In addition to this, the T8 plug-in hybrid has been upgraded with a new battery pack that features the new “brake-by-wire advanced battery charging”. Volvo states that the range has been increased by about 15 per cent pushing the total system power to 420hp.

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