Get Ready To Welcome Another Hypercar: Meet The Milan Red

Published on : February 7, 2020 11:28 pm by Mitesh Zaveri

Austria plays home to an obscure carmaker that is currently developing a rather devilish hypercar: the Milan Red, which will directly play against the likes of Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

The Milan Red is a shining example of what a country can achieve if it does not have to fight wars. Austria’s newest hypercar maker is going all-out to design and build a car that can go toe-to-toe with the very best of automotive brands on this planet. This will be no mean feat, as the car will have to be ultra-light, super-powerful, look like a million dollars, and maybe break the sound barrier while at it. The Milan Red promises to do all of it.

For starters, the Austrian hypercar tips the scales at just 1,300 kg courtesy of a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis as well as body panels. The bodywork is sculpted not just to look aggressive, but also to leverage airflow to maximise downforce. The rear spoiler is not just there to look good, it acts as an air-brake to provide an additional anchor in case the four carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes on each wheel find themselves incapable of bringing the Milan Red to a stop efficiently.

The existence of active aerodynamics is justified when you learn about the powerhouse that propels the brutish hypercar. The Milan Red is powered by a 6.2-liter, quad-turbocharged V8 motor good for 1,306hp and 1,400Nm. You need hypercar rivalling numbers to be called one yourself right? The Austrians clearly didn’t skimp on power then. A dual-clutch automatic gearbox feeds the enormous power and torque to the rear wheels.

The drivetrain enables the Milan Red to hit the ton in a scant 2.47 seconds. That’s Bugatti territory, and so is the 0-200kph time at 5.46 seconds. 300kph flashes on the Milan Red’s dash within 9.98 seconds of launching from a standstill. That’s close to Koenigsegg territory. To top it all, the Milan Red boasts of a top whack of 400kph. That is some serious pace for the new kid on the block.

The Milan Red is designed after its namesake which is a bird of prey. It has the chops to back the talks thanks to the stonking V8 and has the equipment necessary to keep passengers alive even at high speeds. Clearly then, this car has everything going for it, including one last act that hypercar makers regularly put up: Exclusivity. Only 99 of these beauties are commissioned for production, with 18 already sold before production begins. Priced at a cool $2.33 million, the rest of the Reds should quickly find takers. And we can also be sure that some of them will land up in the UAE.

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