Bugatti Confirms Special-Edition Hypercar Inspired By Type 57SC Atlantic

Published on : November 7, 2019 7:17 am by Mitesh Zaveri

Bugatti released a few teasers recently that clearly depict the iconic Type 57SC Atlantic. Does this mean we will soon witness a brand-new Bugatti Chiron with a design taking after the seductive Atlantic?

A closer look at Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Bugatti has long earned a reputation for making one of the most beautiful cars on the planet. The French manufacturer has been churning out stunning designs ever since it came into being in 1909. Come across a car with a horseshoe-shaped grille dominating the front fascia, and you know without a doubt you are staring at a Bugatti.

Jean Bugatti’s 57 SC Atlantic cannot be re-created, but what do you think? Can we translate its design language into the…

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The Type 57SC Atlantic is no different, built in an era when cars were adorned with swoopy bodywork over both sets of wheels. It too conformed to then prevalent design sensibilities, yet managed to look downright jaw-dropping. The most eye-catching detail of the Atlantic was the dual rear windscreens split down the middle vertically.

The Bugatti Type 57 remained in production till 1940, with 710 examples leaving the factory to new owners. The Type 57SC Atlantic still survives to this day, appreciating like crazy every year.

Modern Bugatti Atlantic

As of today, the only car Bugatti sells is Chiron. With its monstrous 8-litre quad-turbocharged W16 motor spewing out close to 1,500 horses, it really is the ultimate expression of a car, just like the Atlantic so many years ago. Bugatti’s teasers regarding the modern-day Atlantic might be severely limited, but they do show that the company is not going the retro route. The modern Bugatti Atlantic will be based on the Chiron, with a few clever throwbacks to the Type 57 thrown in.

Any modern interpretation of the 57SC Atlantic would definitely keep the Atlantic’s dorsal seem…. #Bugatti #BugattiAtlantic #Type57SC #BugattiHistory #BugattiStory #Bugatti110Years #Bugatti110Ans #JeanBugatti

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Word has it that ex-Volkswagen Group boss Ferdinand Piech allegedly paid $18 million to have Bugatti build the one-off hypercar for him. If that’s the case, this special edition could become the cheapest Atlantic in the world. Only three examples of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic survive to this day, with one having changed hands for a reported $30 million.

So what will the modern Atlantic look like? There is no answer to this. At least, none until Bugatti pulls the wraps off the one-off car at Geneva.

…and any modern interpretation of the 57 SC Atlantic should keep Bugatti’s unique rear lights.#Bugatti #BugattiAtlantic #Type57SC #BugattiHistory #BugattiStory #Bugatti110Years #Bugatti110Ans #JeanBugatti

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