Prices Have Been Falling Since November 2018, With February 2019 The Fourth Consecutive Month Of Fall.

Published on : January 31, 2019 5:13 pm by Martin Alva

The Ministry of Energy and Industry has announced revised fuel prices in UAE for the month of February. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

If you are thinking of taking your SUV or sports car for premium fuel, it is best to wait until February starts, for fuel prices are about to fall further starting next month. February is the fourth consecutive month to witness prices falling for fuel.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry deregulated fuel prices in the UAE beginning August 2015 and aligned them with international crude prices so now they change as the market shifts. Initially, the government used to subsidize fuel to shield consumers from global fluctuations.

February 2019 fuel prices

Super 98: AED 1.95 per litre, down 2.5 percent from AED 2 in January

Special 95: AED 1.84 per litre, down 2.65 percent from AED 1.89 in January

Diesel: AED 2.28 per litre, down 0.87 percent from AED 2.30 in January

All prices include five percent VAT.


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