Genesis To Bring 3D Imagery To G70 Sedan

Published on : September 13, 2018 1:47 pm by Mitesh Zaveri

Genesis Motors is packing a lot of modern, innovative technology in its G70 sedan for the model year 2020. An all-new instrument panel with 3D imagery is the show stopper of the feature list.

In a first for the automotive industry, Genesis is equipping the new G70 with a 12.3-inch screen designed using stereoscopy, a technique that is used to create three-dimensional effects by adding the illusion of depth to flat imagery. The screen can track the eye movements of the driver to accomplish the 3D effect. Such a feature could come in handy when used with navigation or autonomous driving features.

Genesis says that the displays will be highly customizable, giving the driver the option to choose which information is displayed at all times. These can include receiving 3D directions or even seeing a lap timer right on the screen if the driver spends a lot of time at the racetrack. Different modes on the 3D display can serve different purposes for the driver, or even the driving pattern selected for the trip.

This technology might not catch everyone’s fancy, as not all drivers would be comfortable with the 3D effects. Keeping this in mind, Genesis has made the display switchable to two-dimensional graphics.

No many details of the Genesis G70’s multi-functional display are known yet. While the trick imagery might not make its way onto the car next year, we can be pretty sure we’ll be seeing it on the 2020 G70. What will also be equally interesting to see what architecture the G70 would bring to the table. Current Genesis cars employ the underpinnings of equivalent Hyundai cars, and that is set to change with the 2019 Genesis G80 luxury saloon that sits on an all-new platform developed from scratch. The big saloon marks a new era for the Korean manufacturer where it will start using its own architecture developed in-house instead of relying on its parent company for the underpinnings.

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